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600 "BC (Mtn.)Bike Race"(rs) Doesn't Benefit Our Community

600 "BC (Mtn.)Bike Race"(rs) Doesn't Benefit Our Community

Posted on June 28, 2014 at 11:30 AM
Who does the BC Bike Race actually benefit? Our whole community? NOPE!

Now here is their dirty little "secret"... (so much of what mountain biking is about is "secret"!)

Not our community as a whole! --- Only benefitting the bike shops and bike organizations, while leaving behind a huge wake of damage on our rain-soaked forest and park trails...

Such is the inherent selfishness of the mountain biking "community". Why could we even possibly think it could be any different? It does not benefit our community as a whole to be given back a damaged forest, as they thumb their noses at us in "Thanks!"....

This will surely be the result, X 600 BC Mtn.Bike Racers racing on wet trails, on Sunday June 29th. Many have already been "touring" the very wet trails, during rain, inside Mountain View Park wetland and upland, on "DayZero (Saturday)...

Which will result in more of this...


And this....

600 mountain dirt(y) bikers ripping and shredding our forests for a cheap thrill, leaving behind "negative revenue" to our community via the damage 600 mountain bikers will  wreak inside our forests, parks and wetlands, on June 29th, courtesy of our Mayor Richard Walton, welcoming these off-road mudbogging ecological vandals back into our midst. 

**There is no common sense left.... <sigh>  We especially urge DNV Parks to do their trails assessments on those trails the BC Bike Race has ripped and shredded, ASAP. Then we will have a much better picture of the damage mountain bikes wreak on our forest and park trails....Anything less than that will be considered to be very insincere...**

Campbell River, BC, is not on the BC Bike Race roster, this year. Their trails have taken a real beating over the years ...

"The BC Bike Race’s Campbell River leg had 500 riders from all over the world participating.
However, the numbers of riders and the (inclement) weather have caused considerable damage to the trails in the Snowden Forest."

Mountain biking adds no "substantial" economic value to our North Shore communities...But, it sure leaves our public forests and parks in shreds!

Economic Impacts of Mountain Biking Tourism
Jun 7, 2014 at 20:19
North Shore

The 2007 MBTA study found that 55% of mountain bikers were visitors (counting only North Shore residents as locals). 18,700 riders/week used Shore trails with the majority of visiting riders (47%) being in the 30-39 category and the vast majority being male (85%). Only 12% of riders came from further destinations ie areas outside the Sea to Sky corridor; a reason for that low number commonly cited was the perceived technical difficulty of Shore trails.

Very few riders (9%) overnighted on the North Shore reflecting the fact that the vast majority of non-resident Shore riders stayed in other places in Greater Vancouver. Reflecting this same fact, daily spend was low for visitors to the Shore ($39 sameday/$48 overnight)

There have been no updates to the North Shore 2007 MBTA EIA. While it is possible that the addition of a leg of the BC Bike Race to North Vancouver and the development of easier trails may increase out-of-town ridership that is just speculation at present.

NO kidding?!

Let me reiterate the facts: The 600 participant BC Bike Race only "economically" benefits the bike industry and bike organizations, ie. NSMBA, while leaving a wake of damage to the forest and parks trails behind for the rest of us.)

 We can only shake our heads in disbelief at those who invited these off-road dirty bikers back into our midst. One hand clapping for the dubious "Cheer Zones" who will be vacuously applauding the mudbogging ecological vandals riding by.... We need "BOO Zones", instead...<sigh>

UPDATE: (2 Days after the BC Bike Race in North Vancouver)

Jul 01, 2014 Expresso Trail Report
Variable - High likelihood of mud, be kind to trails


"The increased usage of this trail and BC Bike Race usage is starting to show. Lots more exposed roots and rocks on upper half. No longer a smooth flowy ribbon through the forest..."

No kidding, eh? I guess the NSMBA will be doing some more trail repairs.....errr...... more trail rerouting on Expresso Trail once again... 

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