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The "Writing on the Wall" for 2014...?

The "Writing on the Wall" for 2014...?

Posted on December 28, 2013 at 1:20 PM
Very erosive mountain bikes ripping up the trails is the reason for so much more invasive trail building.
So much of the damage these off-road dirt bikes do is irrepairable.

It is with a heavy heart that I see no change in the consumptive and erosive riding, racing, trail and structure building activities, as dictated by the NSMBA for the coming year. 

It will most likely be business as usual for this mountain biking organization as they whittle away at more forests and wetlands to accommodate their insatiable appetites for more thrill rides in the woods. The threat to any progress for conservation lies in the fact the NSMBA has already signed a memorandum of agreement with DNV:  "Trails Maintenance Service Agreement"

What have we lost in Mtn. View Park since the 1970's? What rich biodiversity has been, and still is being destroyed for this cheap thrill ride in the woods? (From the "Twin Lakes Park" study done in early springtime (1970) -- before amphibian egg masses hatched in the pond) -

Stands of  large, mature trees in Mountain View Park are almost 100 years old, todayBut, the ground is so compacted under them from so much mountain biking, dogwalking, and trampling prior to 2005, those trees are compromised.  Very little new vegetation grows on that compacted and topsoil-less ground, today...

We are seriously losing too much of our ecological biodiversity through appeasing the  mountain bikers inside our forests. There is no merit to off-road dirt biking in our public forests, anywhere. That is what mountain biking is: dirt biking (without a motor). The damage is worse for it because so many cannot see beyond the word: "bike"(i.e. motors bad, pedals good) Not so black and white, folks...

Ongoing willfull blindness, apathy and complacency towards this off-road mountain biking wreckreation is the real barrier to conservation and protection of our remaining forests'  future ecological health. What kind of forest are we leaving for our children and grandchildren, and their children...? Unlike our forefathers who  clearcut the forests over 100 years ago, hopefully we have more knowledge about the value of an intact and well-functioning forest. The NSMBA is not doing us any favours, by far. None of what they build and ride on is sustainable.

What will become the final "writing on the wall" for 2014? Business as usual for the NSMBA? We need to ask some serious questions of the NSMBA's very consumptive free ride activities, especially with so much NEW trail building inside our public forests? We can no longer take this off road dirt bike sport at face value.

 Your response for conservation and protection of this wetland treasure can make a real difference! 

Please support "Friends of 'Mountain View Park' Wetland
'Contact Us' (link), today, and add your voice.
Thank you.

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