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The Aggressive Mountain Biking Agenda Hegemony

The Aggressive Mountain Biking Agenda Hegemony

Posted on September 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM
 "Guerrilla" MTBers are making monkeys out of everyone, even themselves...

"The aggressive mountain biking agenda hegemony required a more organized, consistent and sustained pushback, perhaps from a newly created and supported provincial or national organization to umbrella an effort to counter this mountain biking agenda creep... that threatens the peace and quiet of our greens and commons, our wildernesses and other public lands... at huge public costs and environmental impacts. Perhaps, it is too late...

This is the price of hikers,(conservationists/environmentalists/),equestrians being asleep at the wheel for the last 20 years, while the mountain bikers worked like termites..."

~Randall Knox, Open Space Planner (retired),
Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space, California, USA


MEC Capacity Grant

The NSMBA would like to acknowledge the continued support from MEC with the recent granting of funds to increase our capacity as an organization. The NSMBA will be using these funds to hire our second employee to focus on administrative tasks to manage the heightened work flow that has increased as our success and growth have flourished. A portion of these funds will be directed towards partnership development.

NSMBA announces new Administrator

The NSMBA is proud to announce the addition of Christine Tetrault to our team. As our newest employee, Christine will manage the Administration of the organization. The NSMBA has grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years and so too has our administrative work load. With support from MEC's Capacity Grant funding, the position will support the goals of the organization to expand opportunities for Mountain Biking on the North Shore.

Christine brings with her a wealth of managerial experience and a unique skill set that includes budgetting, forecasting, marketing, strategic planning and a wealth of positive attributes that will 'spring-board' the organization to the next level. Please help us welcome Christine to the team. She can be contacted at

The NSMBA would like to thank MEC for their continued support.
Of course, the installment of an "avid" mountain biking advocate, Mayor Richard Walton of the District of North Vancouver, greatly helped the aggressive mountain biking agenda hegemony along its selfish-entitlement to do whatever they damn well please, not just in North Vancouver, but far beyond common civility and common sense. Willful blindness at its worst!

We have been "gobsmacked" by this growing brand of ignorance and stupidity around us, not just among our politicians and public land owners -- but also by those unscrupulous corporations (like "MEC", among others like "TD Friends?! of the Environment") that jump on the "MTB ecological vandal brand" bandwagon, furthering the selfish entitlement and political clout these dirty off-road wreckreationalists in our midst. Who are they kidding? Not Friends of Mountain View Park Wetland, that's for sure.... It is all a crying sham...

It is a sad,sad legacy being left behind... A literal slow-motion "clear cut" going on....
There is no merit to extreme freeride mountain biking!

MTBer "ripping and shredding" through a clear cut on Sumas Mtn., BC. Does it look like MTBers really care about where they ride? Nope! Let them ride in gravel pits, for all they care...

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