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Non Sequitur...

Non Sequitur...

Posted on February 22, 2014 at 3:50 PM
Cam Zink, a "professional" mountain biker, stated in a interview: "I firmly believe mountain biking creates one of the most addicting and pertinent lifestyles of all sports..."

He continues his twisted diatribe: Any hippie who wants to shut a trail down should be thrown in a compost pile because, other than walking, there is no better way to experience nature without damaging the environment than the bicycle (Huh?). Bicycle riders truly take care of the environment..." (ad infinitum, ad nauseum...)

WOW! Self-serving drivel! We get so many mountain bikers talking about their "care" of the environmentwhile ripping and shredding it with their" pedal powered" off-road dirt bikes, while also digging and hacking away at the forest floor to build their never ending trails and abusement park-like structures on it: roller-coasters, wall rides, jump ramps, berms, etc. Any trail taken over by mountain bikers usually becomes exclusive to mountain bike use. It is so hypocritical, a young child could see through it (as long as they have not become indoctrinated into this "cult" of mountain biking)

We then get served up "winners" like this one from the 2014 VIMFF:

You will see the height of their hypocrisy. They show a lot of different animals and plants, each with their Latin name -- as though it were a "nature film"Then they show a mountain biker doing their usual nonsense at up to 35 MPH (this is called "flow"). Talk about a non-sequitur!
We just cannot make up stuff like that! There is a  very clear disconnect to the natural environment they profess to "care" about. It may also help to explain how the mountain biking addiction places blinders on the eyes of so many wildlife biologists, scientists, conservationists,  emergency room doctors and nurses -- just to name a few addicted mountain bikers who should know better about the damage their sport inflicts on the natural environment and on their bodies. But they get lured onto a mountain bike and then they become "hooked" on the dubious sport. And they will fight aggressively to keep their extreme off-road freeride status quo! Don't "dare" cross an addicted mountain biker....! Not even a wildlife biologist, if she had to choose between her mountain bike or her livelihood, in order to save mountain biking trails...!

There are questionable environmental "reconnaissance" reports in favour of mountain biking inside our wetlands:  "Frogs and Freeriders Can Be Friends"* (especially if the environmental professional  --- and NSMBA's own personal consulting biologist** --- is a mountain biker, herself. Remember Eagleridge Bluffs? This mtber biologist gal had a hand in that one, working for the wrong side, as usual.) You think? It is not just frogs that are threatened by mountain bikes.

More hypocrisy in action, here:

She is a wildlife biologist and a mountain biker:
"The pain and the effort is totally worth it." (she states...)


There are too many profiles like these to be found on the web. This isn't normal behaviour. How can one be both a wildlife biologist and a mountain biker?  Between the two, it seems to be more of a social problemthan an environmental one, now.  What is it about "The Bike", these days? Why, all of sudden, is mountain biking the craze, today -- and growing in popularity?

When is a bike, not just a bike? How can we trust biased "in favour of mountain dirt biking" wildlife, biology and environmental reports? Let's do some critical thinking!

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