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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014

from "Friends of 'Mountain View Park' Wetland"

 A Mountain View Park Winter Wonderland


"Christmas wishes and worries"

Trevor Carolan / North Shore News
December 22, 2013 12:00 AM
"Donnie (Ninja Turtle) on a Dirt Bike" by Carrie Howarth
(Dirt bike/Mountain bike -- what is the difference -- really?!)

"...Farther up the slope in Lynn Valley there's a sensible end-of-year idea at last in the fractious debate over mountain biking around Mount Fromme's trails. Hikers know what becomes of a decent trail when the ninja-turtle wannabees in gladiator bike duds start up. Last month a request came to district council for increased parking and heated washrooms in the area. Purportedly, this would alleviate resident concerns about riders that have for years been seen changing their clothes on the adjacent boulevards and frightening the last few horses
nearby. At the Nov. 18 council meeting, in a rare gesture to low-growth, Coun. Roger Bassam - last heard of lobbying to increase the Seylynn super tower from 28 to 32 storeys - noted that with prohibitive costs, amenities like heated change rooms aren't likely forthcoming. To the relief of some in Upper Lynn, Coun. Alan Nixon hasproposed a legitimately independent review to reassess the ecological health of the trails and forest. It's an overdue idea. In a recent letter, acting parks manager Susan Rogers acknowledged that such a review is now under discussion..."

Santa's Elves will be watching the NSMBA and DNV Parks, very closely, to ensure a fair and democratic review process, does indeed occur in 2014. Meanwhile, the very consumptive NEW trail building hasn't stopped in the least -- and continues at the high speed the NSMBA has been known for, devouring our forests and wetlands with their insatiable appetite for more thrill rides:

Not the warmest weather for bridge building, send your warm vibes to Podo & Digger who are working hard on Phase 1 of the All Access trail by retrofitting the bridges on Bobsled.
Another climber, an early Christmas gift. But you can't open til early spring. Compliments of the Shore Corps.

Advanced Academy over the weekend completed two climbing switchbacks and approx 150ft of bench. Even had one of Santa's helpers out!

Retrofit of Bobsled is almost complete. Bridges have been widened to 4ft. Reroutes completed thanks to North Shore Bike Shopunder the leadership of Pat Podolski & Digger. Edits & improvements have been made throughout the trail. All that's left now is to widen the exit bridge. Merry Christmas from the NSMBA!

Corner bridge on Bobsled was replaced with some good ol' dirt. Digger & Podo loaded gold up to their eyeballs! — with lululemon athletica and Patrick Podolski
...with tons of gold laid down just below great flow into the reroute!

Work on Bobsled over the holidays. Podo & Digger did some extra projects along the way. — with Patrick Podolski.

Digger standard: 12" of dirt, minimum.
(That is a lot of dirt being dug up off-trail, folks. It is not sustainable, nor healthy for our forests' ongoing integrity and wellbeing --- and a possible threat to slope stability...)

DNV Parks is making NO attempt to put a STOP to all this incessant trail digging!
(until a proper assessment of the ecological health of the forest and trails is completed in 2014)
What are we to believe?

Update 2017: This is the  District of North Vancouver Fromme Mountain Trails Environmental Assessment February 21, 2015
which finds all this borrow pit digging to be very destructive, among many other mtb "misdemeanors"

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