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Why Did Mountain Bikers (NSMBA) Do It? Why Did DNV Parks Permit It?

Why Did Mountain Bikers (NSMBA) Do It? Why Did DNV Parks Permit It?

Posted on October 23, 2013 at 2:10 PM
This past weekend saw more ecological vandalism wreaked by the NSMBA/Rocky Mountain Bicycles TAP crew, along with BBQ party inside the woods, just west of Mountain View Park: 

With all the braided trails, mostly caused by mountain biking, we have to seriously ask why the mountain bikers (NSMBA) chose to cut a whole new route through an untouched and highly vegetated area for their  free ride?The NSMBA are most irresponsible and hold a very cavalier attitude toward the environmnent they rip and shred on via their bikes and trail building techniques.

I have a very hard time believing that the District of North Vancouver Parks would actually sanction and permit such a destructive activity. And if DNV Parks did, we have to ask WHY they are allowing the destructive mountain bikers in our midst to do something like that?
(Update: The District has told us it approved this new NSMBA trail cut, but have not yet shown us the permits as proof the NSMBA followed through as planned. It has been said that the NSMBA are doing their own thing in many cases, but that DNV is turning a blind eye to their misdeeds. This news does not bode well for the ongoing health and well-bein of our forests and wetlands.)

There is no common sense in it, with all the needed repair/restoration direly needed to the area full of unsanctioned trails carved out below, with a heavy lack of ground vegetation, much erosion and soil compaction. It would have made more sense to use any one of those many braided routes, than to cut another one inside a well established and heavily vegetated area!

Surely, if a route was actually "needed" by the mountain bikers in this area, there were many more routes already cut, eroded, etc. that could have been chosen -- but the NSMBA had to cut a whole new trail, where hikers and bikers had not gone before. That is the anti-social and anti-environmental nature of this mountain biking sport. We are losing too much over the insatiable greed for new trails by the NSMBA, etc.

This is so very wrong on so many levels, people need to start speaking out against it! This is a BEFORE picture of the area in question. No hiking or biking trails there before this NSMBA dig.
These are the "After" pictures:
Roots of large living trees cut, opening them to disease and a slow death:
Several gold dirt pits dug up, off-trail, like this one:
"Bench cuts":
What high "price" did the natural environment pay for this finished product serving a thrill ride in the woods? 
Roots of living trees, like the one seen above, were hacked away.  Several "gold dirt" pits were dug off-trail, along with other kinds of crass ecological vandalism inflicted by this mountain bike "party crew". It was considered to be "fun times" for them!  This kind of trail building is as big a part of mountain bikers' extreme free ride biking lifestyle/cult as is their erosive riding styles. It is all "fun and games" for them. And it is wrong!

More destructive pictures can be viewed here. This is no way to treat a Wetland! That new trail will be eroded quite quickly once the inclement weather comes. Then the NSMBA Trail Adoption Party crew will have to do more meddling again, within a few months like seen in these photos. Some of these repairs will end up being another route cut, once again, over and over again. That is how erosive all that off-road mountain biking is on our temperate rainforest environment! (And this is not just happening, here, but across the North Shore, and beyond...)

NSMBA TAmPering Day: NEW Lower Griffen TrailS

This kind of heavy footprint, consumptive mountain bike trail building needs to stop!

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