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Please "Contact Us" (click on "More" button in sidebar) for more information, or to report an incident (eg. hiker/biker conflicts, vandalism, dumping/litter, etc.) inside Mountain View Park wetland and upland.  (Please be careful about approaching bikers by yourself, as we have had reports of community members being subjected to aggressive verbal abuse, etc.)

There is no parking allowed, without permit, in this neighbourhood.  Please contact District Bylaw Enforcement to report any Parking infractions: 604-990-2400;  or call the RCMP non-emergency number, after hours604-985-1311
Thank you.
Excellent reading material -

"Best Management Practices for Amphibians and Reptiles in Urban and Rural Environments in British Columbia"

A brief summary of BMP's:
Because amphibians' total habitat requirements extend from water onto the land:
Protect existing natural areas to the greatest extent possible.
Protect buffer areas next to streams, lakes, or ponds. 
The vegetated buffers surrounding these areas protect the ecological functions and value of the breeding habitat, and provide needed upland habitat for amphibians.
Wherever possible, protect migration paths between uplands and breeding sites. 
Preserve leaf litter under trees and shrubs. Such material provides cover and moisture; it also attracts organisms that amphibians eat.
Retain stumps, logs, rootwads, rock piles, and other debris that provides a cool, moist habitat for amphibians.
Fence large ponds to prevent access. In order to protect the water, and to allow a more diverse plant community to grow, providing cover for amphibians and their food source.
Make sure dogs are leashed! This has been proposed by DNV for Mountain View Park, but has yet to be implemented and enforced...

Much has yet to be enforced by our local government, as several studies/recommendations continue to be ignored,  while the appeasement of off-road mountain biking continues along its environmentally destructive course:

Review of Local Government Compliance with the Riparian Areas Regulation
September 14, 2015

Striking a Balance Report: Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) - March 2014

Fromme Mountain Environmental Assessment Report (2015)

It seems that the NSMBA and DNV are ignoring "their terms of agreement" (2015-2018) of the: 
"Fromme Mountain Sustainable Trail Use and Classification Plan (December 2007)"
(passed by DNV Council in July 2008.) Sadly, we can't find this very important doc on the "new" website anymore...

Bear and Cougar sightings, interactive map (North Vancouver, et. al)
(Check out how many mountain biking trails, activities are found in North Vancouver, Tri-Cities, and Burnaby area mountains....See our blog post "Bear with Us..." for more info on this core problem)
Lower Griffen Switchbacks Trail in Mountain View Park has been closed/decommissioned, since March 1, 2019... PLEASE RESPECT THE CLOSURE. Thank you

Mountain bikers: (view map, below)
**Please do not use the Mountain View Park entrance/exit.**

Please use the new Water Tower Trail to Lower Griffen (light green) 
(Accessed at McNair Dr., adjacent to Ramsay Rd.) 

"Lower Griffen Reroute" is a climbing trail, ONLY (dark green), not for downhill use. 
(Immonator -downhill- Trail is very problematic in this regard. Not the best "planning" for this new reroute...)

"Red" Lower Griffen braided trails are closed/decommissioned.
(Lower Griffen Switchback Trail is slated for closure/decommissioning to mountain biking, as per the DNV "Fromme Mtn.Trails Plan")

Thank you
**This new "Lower Griffen  (Ascending) Reroute" (dark green) has got to be one of the more convoluted trail designs I have ever come across. None of it makes any sense. Really! Just another excuse for more NEW mountain bike trail building inside a relatively untouched and well vegetated area. No fun digging on eroded, heavily compacted ground for the mountain bikers. From this trail alone, can we truly believe what the NSMBA states on their website? 
"The work we do is led by our professional builders who are trained in the modern techniques ofsustainable building and environmental care...The NSMBA are leaders in modern techniques to bring our inherited 
(hijacked?) network to a sustainable standard that includes care for the environment." 
(You cannot take the NSMBA at face value. They are really fragmenting and degrading our forests and wetlands habitat with too many excuses to build more destructive trails. There is no  such thing as "environmental care or sustainable trail building" for off-road dirt bike crowd. It is pure spin!)

One more little WARNING for parents of children and teens who mountain bike "out of sight, out of mind" inside our public forests, and those who love dogs. 
(from "Myk")

North Shore Mountain Biking Forums (

-   The Shore (

-   -   Weed on the Shore & dogs (

Weed on the Shore & dogs

So, you like to have a little weed on trail? Helps your flow after the shuttle up Seymour, livin' the North Shore lifestyle, open a growler end of ride. Makes for one fine day on the trails. 

Just, be careful with where your weed ends up. Don't toss the end of your joint on the trail, keep an eye that you don't drop anything. Carry out anything half smoked. 

What I learned today.... dogs, mine especially, will eat weed. Small bit of weed, just messed up my dog. Figured it out from the smell of his puke. I'd hate to see someone's dog go through what mine just did, so, just be careful with your weed on the trail. 

Those new wheels I wanted this summer or some race fees ? Vet bills, but at least I get to keep bringing my dog along on rides.
Mtn.bikers digging trails, and for "gold dirt" (mineral earth) off-trail, greatly disturb salamander habitat
“Any off-trail activity is detrimental to the ecology … it prevents the indigenous species from growing in these areas and allows invasive species to come in and take over, it also fractures the habitat for wildlife, and this all happens very quickly.”

"Mountain biking is simply an activity that has been determined not to be compatible with our society’s values..."

Please Contact Us (click on"More" button, above) if you  wish to support the turning of  Mountain View Park wetland and upland area into a "Limited Mountain Recreation Zone(banning mountain biking from the area, and closure of mountain bike trails.)

Which do you prefer...?

 "Shinrin-yoku" (Forest-air Bathing and Walking), or...?
 An Extreme Freeride 
Mountain Biking "Mecca"?
(Disneyfied *Privatized and Commercialized* Public Forests)

Your choice! 
Your forests and wetlands...will it be a viable choice?

Mountain (dirt) Biker vs. Frog (guess who loses?)
2 Chronicles 7:13-15

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