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The Growing Wall of Shame...

The Growing Wall of Shame...

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 1:25 PM
Other than the usual Bike Shops and the Bike industry who support the NSMBA's Trail Buildingvandalism (which is expected...) we have to ask ourselves what has happened to the common sense of many other corporations/businesses support of the NSMBA that are not "mountain biking related"?

Todd “Digger“ Fiander works on a trail Thursday on Mount Seymour with Mark Wood, rear.

Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann , Vancouver Sun

(Check out that devastating deep gold dirt pit dug out, to the right of the picture above, behind the shovel handle. Note the damaged tree roots...These pits are dug out everywhere, off-trail in the forest, then "filled in" with forest debris, rocks, wood, etc. to hide the damning evidence!)

Does anyone ever stop to think about where all these wheelbarrows full of "gold dirt" comes from....? The media is to blame for support of this ecological vandalism, greenwashing it...

Last year, we saw corporate support of the NSMBA's activities from such folk as the *TD Friends of the EnvironmentBMO* and Deloitte. This year, after a long "campaign of shaming", Deloitte? no longer support the NSMBA, but TD "Fiends" of the Environment and BMO have no scruples.

*UPDATE: Sadly, we note although BMO and TD "Fiends"... was not actually listed in the 2014 NSMBA TAP roster, they are still very much involved with destructive MTB trail digging on the North Shore:

North Shore Mtb Assc @NSMBA · Jul 3 on Twitter
Big thanks to BMO Financial Group for their continued dedication to the trails on the Shore! Here they are...

Now, in this year's roster of NSMBA  corporate support we have such enviroMental lulu's as Lululemon Athletica supporting the NSMBA's ecological vandalism! We have Queen's Cross Pub, and Raven Pub,and Okanagan Springs Brewery joining the roster along with the usual clueless MEC and Arc'teryx. Green Coast Rubbish sponsoring this NSMBA "garbage"?! Now you get the picture of what can only be called "greenwash". You can't play both sides of the coin, and call yourselves environmentally-minded!
Lastly, I am especially astounded that  Capilano University "Outdoor Recreation" program (with its ethical statement about their: "Commitment to protecting the earth") has also sponsored the NSMBA ilk, even with with all their financial woes surrounding them! It goes to show you the lack of common sense so many corporate entities (and places of "higher learning") suffer from...(plus, the fact Cap U. keeps the Mountain Bike Operations course running while closing the Studio Art and Textile Art department... Go figure?)

Studio Art and Textile Art Eviction from Capilano University shared a link.
Capilano University puts on final grad show for Studio Art program
If you want to see the results of Capilano University’s Studio Art program, now is the time. This year’s Capilano University Studio Art Grad Show will be the last.

All  we have to do is write, and boycott these businesses. Every conservationist and environmentalist can do that. We can write on their facebook pages and email them about our displeasure of them sponsoring and funding such neverending trail building by the NSMBA, etc.

If we can't "blame" them, we can always shame them and shun them... Thank you.

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