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A Fork in the MTB Trails....

A Fork in the MTB Trails....

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 12:50 AM
How many trails is enough for mountain bikers? As many as they can get away with building, it seems.

The "tipping point" of mountain bike trail building has since long past, with numerous new trails being built, called reroutes, realignments, bypasses, refittings, connectors, etc. all year round on Mt. Fromme, LSCR and  Mt. Seymour (and recently, on Cypress). This is the stark reality of growing mountain bike trail building on the North Shore, because they can get away with it. Keep a close eye on the "progress" of MTB Trail building at (You can no longer say you didn't know...)

(54 MTB trails, and counting...)
It is unknown how many of these trails are actually "unsanctioned" building....The District of North Vancouver (DNV) is not being transparent about the NSMBA activities on the mountain and in the Mountain View Park wetland and upland area. "Out of sight, out of mind..."  DNV has ignored critical environmental assessments in order to appease the NSMBA. They are foolishly forcing a square peg into a round hole of common sense.

(61 MTB trails, and counting...)
Mt. Seymour is a "grey area" of unsanctioned MTB trails ---  not yet officially "sanctioned" by the various jurisdictions, via fair and democratic public process.

(19 MTB trails, and counting...)
The only real "legitimate" multi-jurisdictionally managed/enforced area, with proper parking and amenities, for mountain biking on the North Shore.

(37 Trails... and counting...?)
Note: All  mountain bike trails on Cypress Mountain are unsanctioned trails and structures. MTB Cypress is twisting the arm of District of West Vancouver to sanction their rogue trails in the usual disingenuous manner mountain bikers are known for.

Fact is, unsanctioned mountain bike trail and structure building still continues under the very noses of the various public land managers, without fear of repercussions. The NSMBA keeps on getting rewarded for its very "in your face" scofflaw activities, four seasons a year.  It is no less than pure anarchy!

We will get the forests we don't deserve, as long as our public land managers and pandering politicians keep catering to this renegade element that has taken over our mountains.

It has already gone beyond the "Tipping Point" of what can be called Sustainable. Let's just hope it doesn't end up "biting us" all, when "it" finally hits the fan.

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