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Have You Been Assimilated?

Have You Been Assimilated?

Posted on February 1, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Over the past several years, I have been trying, in vain, to educate people about mountain biking’s detrimental effects on the natural environment and on other public forest and parks users.

It has been more like “an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object”.  

Mountain "Bike Invasion", by Jim Stiles, Canyon Country Zephyr

"WARNING": A bit of cynical, sarcastic humour to follow: What else can we say, or do, at this point in time...? The NSMBA Bike Borg is marching ahead with its usual brand of destruction...

Urgent Update: The NSMBA "Bike Borg" plans its non-stop rape of the woods, to build another NEW trail on Fromme Mtn. (posted Feb.3, 2014) -- through what is a relatively pristine and well vegetated forested area... (see photo, below)

"We have found the way. On our way to the 6th (switchback) with NSMBA President Vince Beasse.
It will be done." MW

“Resistance is futile.”

Have you been assimilated into the "hive-mind" of mountain biking? It has affected so many environmentalists and conservationists, that these people have become useless in the battle against the Bike Borg.

BORG (n) :  a cybernetically-enhanced race which forcibly assimilates other sentient species into its structure and hive-mind.

"Bike Borg", by Jim Stiles, Canyon Country Zephyr. Their leader is IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association)

They all mimic the same arguments and cult lifestyle across the world. IMBA is their leader. The Mountain “Bike Borg” has managed to convince the people that pedal bikes are good, while motorbikes are bad. They have managed to convince the people that knobby wheeled bikes with dual suspension and disc brakes, with their riders wearing “motorcycle industry-tested” full-face helmets and body armour, are somehow compatible to hiking and nature-walking in the woods.

Therefore, the very same people who would fight, tooth and nail, to keep motorized dirt bikers (including electric dirt bikes) out of the forests, actually have become very complacent  towards the mountain bikers and aiding their goals, which act as a detriment to the goals of those very environmentalists and conservationists!  

University professors who would battle against the off-road motorheads, actually defend the off-road pedalheads in our midst. Because it is a pedal bike. Go figure? Pedals good, motors bad, seems to be the mantra of the Bike Borg and their assimilated sentient beings.

This explains the whole biking craze in our midst, right now – from mountain bike, to road bike; from a myriad of legal and illegal mountain bike trails in the forest, to road bike lanes everywhere the “Bike Borg” wants them, even if it does not make any sense or expense to do so. Motors (cars, dirt bikes) bad. Pedals (mtn. bikes, road bikes) good.

There is nothing wrong with riding a bike, but if you don’t agree with the Bike Borg, both inside the forests, and on the roadways – you are shunned by them and their assimilated sentient beings. “Resistance is futile.” Or not?

One journalist, from another mountain biking “mecca”, or “capital of the world”, in Utah (these MTBing “meccas” and “capitals of the world” are a dime a dozen in the mountain biking world. The North Shore is known as a “MTB Mecca”, also.) wrote about the reality of the detrimental situation we are seeing in many places that mull opening up public parks and wild lands to mountain biking:

“Suddenly it was as if those of us who had lived there no longer had a say in our own future. Out-of-town investors with the assets and capital to exploit Moab’s new moniker as ‘Mountain Bike Capital of the World’ laid claim to its future.

Like a Borg... for lack of a better word, a Bike Borg... opposing ‘the hive’ was not an option.”

The NSMBA “Bike Borg” has overwhelming political and corporate support and funding poured into its destructive riding, racing and non-stop trail building activities. You can’t take this group at face value. Nothing that they say or do is of any benefit to our forests or our children. There is no merit to the free ride which abuses and damages so much of our forests and wetlands on the North Shore, and causes so many injuries. Since the “Bike Borg” has assimilated so many young minds – our children – who will be left to speak for the forests and wetlands in the future? It is a continuing conundrum we face.  The exploitation of our public forests and park land via extreme mountain biking interests, etc. cannot continue without grave repercussions.

There are some of us who continue to resist assimilation by the Mountain “Bike Borg”. To clarify clearly, we wage the “War of the Woods” with words, such as these. There are unknown number of others on the North Shore and elsewhere who are resorting to other means: Trail and structure sabotage, etc. These are a couple recent incidents, local and elsewhere...

“trail sabotage. S(e)ymore bo(o)ggie man. 2014/ jan/20.” (sic)
“Mountain bikers in the Fraser Valley are outraged and say malicious vandals are putting their lives at risk.”

The mountain bikers are asking for people’s help. Someone who saw a person with a truck walking into the forest with a chainsaw, etc…. (BUT, that description can fit almost every mountain biker who has come into the forests to trail build – both sanctioned and unsanctioned.The general public has become complacent and apathetic to such activites today because of such overwhelming support for the Bike Borg.)

Who, then, are the real vandals? Serious question!

Surely, we who continue to resist being assimilated by the Bike Borg, are frustrated by all those who have been assimilated into the “hive-mind”, who support the mountain bikers’ ongoing ecological vandalism as some kind of good community volunteerism, and have become blinded to the Mountain “Bike Borg” BS.  As usual, I continue to do do my battle with words…

Perhaps, resistance is futile, but something has to give. The insanity of the Mountain “Bike Borg” status quo cannot continue “forever”. Our only hope is that the “assimilated sentient beings” wake up soon. Like the original Borg, the Mountain “Bike Borg” only leave destruction  in their wake.

No amount of reasoning, natural and cultural history, and the like about Mountain View Park Wetland and Upland area is going to make any difference, in light of this “new” revelation. It is going to have to take a very different mindset, that which has voluntarily extracted itself from the aggressive “hive-mind” of the “Bike Borg.” Until that day, those of us who have resisted being assimilated are surely just “barking up an empty tree.”

A damaged forest is worthless in a battle against climate change. Why are so many authorities aiding the NSMBA “Bike Borg’s”  very callous and consumptive destruction of it? Why are so many introducing our innocent, impressionable children to the Bike Borg? It can only be because they have been conquered and assimilated by the Bike Borg.

Wake up, “sentient beings”, assimilated by the Mountain “Bike Borg” – Before it is too late! What kind of future will you be leaving behind for your children?

Really?! "Says who?" The NSMBA Bike Borg?
Are you just going to wring your hands, and allow them?

About another "friend in the fight against extreme freeride mtbing on public lands", Jim Stiles (Thank you, Jim) -- 
He is a thorn in the side of an environmental movement that has become a little too complacent with itself.” 
(David Frey, New West, 1.29.09)

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